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Career development & coaching

Thinking about your next career move and how to achieve it is a mindbender as it is. Let alone the application process.
When you apply for the next step in your career, you’re reminded that job interviews are no walk in the park or business as usual. It’s often a single opportunity to pitch yourself towards your potential next employer, colleagues or, if you’re a contractor, your next assignment.

Having that in mind, Niah Executive Search wants to guide you the best we can in this journey towards your next professional achievement – the dream job that inspires and energizes you for the coming years.

Apart from our highly personal approach Niah also offers guidance through coaching sessions. We have partnered with De Groeizaak and Joris Ontwikkelt, two experienced professional career development coaches.

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De Groeizaak – Ingrid Scheijven
Ingrid Scheijven is a senior (executive) coach and career coach. She has over 15 years of experience in IT Management with KLM, Finance and government. Ingrid studied strategic management at the University of Utrecht, body psychotherapy, ICF Coaching and is NLP Practitioner. Ingrid coaches highly educated (managing) professionals to improve their personal effectiveness on subjects like: impact, communication, stress management and leadership.   

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Joris Ontwikkelt – Joris Tideman
Joris worked in various management positions in the creative industry for seven years. He noticed that the best possibilities for growth and success are in developing the employees. As a coach, trainer and consultant he now dedicates his time to guiding people and companies in their personal and professional development. The aim is to help people uncovering and reaching their goals. To actively build a more fulfilling life, at home and on the job.